Let's come forward to help the flooded people

শনিবার আগস্ট ১৯, ২০১৭, ০৫:১৯ পিএম.

Let's come forward to help the flooded people

বিডিলাইভ ডেস্ক: My mom always regretted that she didn’t have any daughter, but now she has a lot of granddaughter. Today she has such a deep relationship with all her granddaughters and she can’t even live a single day without them. She always says, “You care about the fruit more than the tree”.

People of Bangladesh are flood affected in the northern territory. We, who are away from our homeland, observed the overwhelming enthusiasm among us, as if we wish we could go there to help these distressed people. Who said Bangladeshis cannot be united? Who said we don’t help each other? We proved so many times that we can be ‘ONE’ and this time doing again.   

Many of us lives overseas but our heart belongs to Bangladesh. Our pulse is rooted in the soil of Bangladesh. That’s why we jump out in a vibe to help others when something occurs in there. No one told us to help the flooded people but still we all are deeply concerned about the flood situation.

There are such kind-hearted persons around us that I feel so proud of myself to work with them. Some people think, we the expatriates are self-obsessed because we left our country for our own interest only! I think we really are self-serving, or else why do we care so much to support. We live in Canada, but why our heart is crying for Bangladesh? Why we are dying to stand beside those poor people in Bangladesh at critical times? This is what “You care about the fruit more than the tree”.  

To my mom, when she loves her grandchildren, that equals to loving the children as well. It’s kind of killing two birds in a stone because our kids are our love and life and she loves her children in this way too.

We keep getting the news in last few days, people in the northern side of Bangladesh are facing this terrible disaster for the first time after 1988. Just imagine, we only came to know the news from the area which has a little touch of modernity. So many of us have no idea, there are such areas in northern region where no media can reach out. You’ll never know what is happening there, how they are passing their toughest moments. Just watched a video, a baby is floating away and everyone is trying to save her by whatever means. You cannot hold your tears when you see the mom is screaming her heart out. I see a lot of sharing of flood picture in the social media, some saying they are photoshopped. Photoshopped or whatever, there is no doubt that the current situation is so alarming.

 Many have extended their hand for help, some of them personally and some are under some banner. Among them, BCCB (Bangladeshi Canadian, Canadian Bangladeshi) is unquestionably proved in all their activities and there is no doubt about it. Their activities are unparalleled in any such sort of crisis moment. One of my respected brother (Bzaman Mukul), he always quotes about BCCB – “I have been associated with BCCB for a long period after thorough observation. In the same way, I can say that BCCB today is proving transparency, purity and sincerity.”

And Everything was possible through the sincerity of all members and skillful operation of this group. There is no doubt about that your donation will truly go to the victims. I would like to say as per one of my expatriate Bangladeshi sister, “Those who are today flood victims are someone’s brother, someone’s sister or someone’s relative. They are our own.” We ourselves could have been in the same position today, today they need our help.

Eid-ul-adha is approaching by, lets come forward to help as per our ability to make it a magnificent one. Your little help will come in handy for many flood-affected people and BCCB will make sure to bring a little smile on their face. As always, your donation will be delicately collected, supplied and distributed. And BCCB will inform all of you how they have done it.

BCCB will give a thorough account of your donation. How to help:

1. Go to

You can help as much as you like at this link. You may have to pay a very little money transfer fee.

2. You can transfer directly from your bank account via email.
3. If you want to deposit in bank, then let us know. We will provide you the detail information.

4. If you wish, you can pay hand to hand to anyone associated with the organization.
5. A booth will be setup on BCCB Cricket final match day, you can donate their directly if you want.

If you want to donate by any option other than ‘Option 1’, please inform ‘Arif Chowdhury’ by sending an email (, this is for transparency and confirmation. Wishing you all in advance for your help. Take care and we will all pray for everyone. Let’s show the world again, we are truly Bangladeshi Canadian, Canadian Bangladeshi.

Thanks - Saiful from Toronto, Canada
Translated by: Arif Chowdhury

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